MEJ Support AI

Today’s tutorial provides an in-depth look at the settings tab within the Support AI platform. The tutorial begins with an exploration of brand settings, covering options such as the dark and light look, favicon upload, app name, photo text for the login screen, language preferences, and the activation of FAQ and knowledge base features. Additionally, users can select brand colors, opt for a transparent layout for the sidebar, and choose a dark layout.

The tutorial then delves into email settings, which encompass the mail driver, host, port, username, password, encryption, address, and from name. Users are encouraged to test the email settings by sending a test mail. The tutorial also covers email notification settings for various user actions, such as new user creation and ticket generation or replies.

Furthermore, the tutorial explores ticket field settings, allowing users to customize fields such as name, email, category, subject, description, attachment, and priority. Users can add new fields by clicking on the plus icon and specifying details such as label, placeholder, type, width, and whether the field is required or optional.

The tutorial concludes by highlighting the importance of basic company details, including the company name, address, city, state, postal code, country, telephone number, timezone, and application URL. Users can also integrate Slack webhook URLs, module settings, and domain settings, and add webhook URLs for platforms such as Telegram. The tutorial emphasizes the significance of saving changes after applying settings. This comprehensive overview provides users with a thorough understanding of the Support AI ticket settings.

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