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Today’s tutorial delves into the functionality of notifications within the Support AIM platform. Notifications serve various purposes, such as informing users about the creation of a new user. When a new user is created, an email template is generated, containing essential details such as the app name, email, name, password, and additional descriptions. Users can also create templates using variables, allowing for customized and automated content generation.

Furthermore, notifications are triggered when a new ticket is created, providing the ticket creator with a predefined template. Similarly, when a ticket receives a reply, a corresponding template is sent to the user who initiated the ticket, ensuring they are informed about the response. It’s worth noting that users have the flexibility to modify notification messages using variables, adding a layer of customization to the notification process.

This comprehensive overview sheds light on the diverse functionalities and benefits of notifications within the Support AIM platform, providing users with the tools to effectively communicate important information and updates.

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