MEJ Support AI

Today’s tutorial is dedicated to exploring the Setup tab within the Support AI platform, which comprises five distinct submenus. These submenus include Category, Group, Operating Hours, Priority, and SLA Policy settings. The Category submenu allows users to create and customize categories, enabling them to assign colors and users to specific categories for efficient task management. Moving on to the Group submenu, users can define team leads, operating hours, descriptions, group names, agents, and additional email addresses. This feature facilitates the creation of organized and well-structured groups within the platform.

Furthermore, the Operating Hours submenu empowers users to set the operational hours for their site or company, providing flexibility to define the working hours for each day of the week. The Priority submenu allows users to establish different priority levels such as normal, high, etc., ensuring that tickets are appropriately categorized based on their urgency. Lastly, the SLA Policy settings submenu enables users to define resolution and response times for tickets based on their priority, ensuring efficient ticket management and timely responses.

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